What You Should Do To Make Explainer Videos

explainer video

Making your own explainer video is a challenging task. But, knowing the steps would make it possible to make your own explainer video. What you need is effort and focus to it and you will be assured that it’s worth all your sweat!

Step 1: Jot down the Video Script

The most crucial element in making a good explainer video is the script. It requires a great deal of focus to it. The combination of coolest graphics and strong voiceover would not work for you, if the script is weak. Therefore, it is advised to jot down the script by yourself, or from one who understands your business’ goals, the concerns of your target audience and their troubles. The order of script should kick off with a quick sketch of your product and what is does, then raise your point at issue, response with quick fix solution, and lastly encourage them for your product or service.

Step 2: Recording a Voiceover

Once you crafted a perfect copy of the script, next is to record the voice-over. You need a quiet place to record a voice-over. If you’re doing it yourself, cover your head and phone or any other recording device with a thick cloth. Also, place your device on a flat surface. It will help you create a semi-professional voice-over by blocking out any sounds around you, and making it echo-less. Yet, there are some sites that offer professional voice-over artist services to you. Voices.com, Craigslist, and Fiverr are some examples.

Step 3: Hire A Professional Explainer Video Maker

When it comes to the actual production of your explainer video, there are many companies out there that help provide you a professional explainer video. But, a service like this demands more cost. And, the good thing is, the outcome of your explainer video would be great, and it would end up having a professional-look due to helping hand of experts. Flikli and Studio Pigeon are few names of explainer video companies that you can consider. When you are making animated explainer videos, Pow Toon (animated explainer video software) is the way to go. Pow Toon let you make it yourself on a budget; also it’s easy and free to get a start.

Step 4: Background Music

Some styles of explainer videos require including sweet sound effects and music. There are some places that offer free music resources. Sites like MusOpen, Free Sound, YouTube, Audio Jungle, and Audacity are some places to score tracks. Some of them offer free background music while some of them charge for it.