Understanding How Explainer Videos Are Made

explainer video

Explainer videos have high production costs, most explainer videos usually cost around $500 to $15000 dollars, depending on the quality and type of explainer video you choose.

In order to understand why the making of explainer videos is such a pricey endeavor, it is important to know how they are made. Once you have educated yourself on what goes into the production of explainer videos, it is possible to cut down on production costs.

  • Script Writing

Good production companies will spend time understanding your company or product. They may do this through discussions and by studying creative briefs in order to produce a script that is relevant and effective in carrying your message across to your desired audience. Once the production company has come up with a script, they will move on to style frames.

  • Style Frames

Style Frames are images that help you predict what the final video will look like. Style frames are images with backgrounds or characters that may be illustrated specifically for you, or may use some of their previous illustrations; The latter being the cheaper option.

  • Storyboarding

This is when the illustrator(s) responsible for the production of your explainer video maps everything out by creating scene-by-scene illustrations of the video. These illustrations are then paired up with notes or script lines in order to better understand how the video is expected to come together, as well as to avoid any mistakes.

  • Voice Over

This is possibly the quickest part of video production. An artist is hired and presented with the storyboard to make sure he or she understands how to narrate the video and help tie the video together. Several voice overs are recorded and the most appropriate bits are used in the final video.

  • Music and Sound Effects

This is the last stage of producing an explainer video, after which all the elements of the video are combined into a coherent whole. In this stage, a sound engineer mixes music and sound effects in addition to the voice over to create a soundtrack for your explainer video. Once everything is seamless combined and edited, it serves as a backdrop to your video.

  • Compilation

Now that every element of your explainer video is complete, the production company responsible for helping you create your explorer video combines all these elements together into a complete lucid video.